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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  October 12, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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been to, but certainly the t
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>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald. it may be the worst bachelor party they have ever been to but certainly the most memorable. how a free wedding blowout turned into a rescue on the bay. only on cbs 5 hundreds of workers on a bay area bakery chain get an ultimatum. what they say they will have to prove or they may be out of a job. >> one step now. >> plus, how marshmallows can help kids become better behaved. good evening, i'm dana king. >> i'm ken bastida. breaking news. a sinking boat cut short a bachelor party for a group of guys on the bay tonight. the fire department says a 400- foot party boat called the neptune hit a rock and began taking on water near pier 39 in san francisco. this happened about 8:30 tonight. a coast guard cutter and other smaller boats came to the rescue to take the 22 people back to shore.
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>> i think i was the only one concerned because i don't like boats but everyone else was loving it. >> i was loving it as soon as we got off the boat that wasn't sinking. now i'm cool with it. >> no one was hurt. the coast guard near the ferry building is pumping water out of it so it can be towed to shore. a bakery hit the jackpot when starbucks bought it for $100 million a few months ago but now some workers say hundreds of employees have received an ultimatum, and it may cost them their jobs. in a story you will only see on cbs 5, reporter sharon chin on the warning letters and the one thing these workers have to prove. >> reporter: workers say they will be fired in two months because they are illegal immigrants. they don't have firm numbers but up to 400 people could be fired. we obtained a letter to an
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employee of la boulange from the new owner starbucks that says there is a discrepancy in social security numbers and they have 60 days to prove they are not illegal immigrants or they will be fired. this worker is an illegal immigrant and wanted to be disguised. >> we put a lot of effort and love and like, uhm, work towards the company. >> reporter: 200 cooks, dishwashers and other prep workers would be fired at the 19 stores and another 200 where the artisan bakeries are baked in san francisco. one worker isn't worried because he is an american citizen. so you got noticed that your social security number doesn't match or isn't right? >> yeah. yeah. aa
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lot of people are worried. >> reporter: a spokesman told me that word that employees will be fired is completely false. he says no one has lost their job because they are undocumented. starbucks' policy is to comply with all labor laws. now, in california, starbucks says it doesn't use everify that program that checks to see whether a person is here in the country legally or not. starbucks says that la boulange didn't use it either. >> sharon, you did talk to an employee who said he was an american citizen. did you talk to any others and were they having a problem with what this may possibly do? >> yeah. for example, the very first gentleman that we talked to the one wanted his face as well as his voice disguised said he got that letter he saw a picture of that letter that he is one who is an illegal immigrant worked
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for the company at la boulange for years and said he is upset. he worked for the company, invested his time and care in the company and now suddenly because lack of being a citizen he is being asked to leave. he says some people in the same boat as he are looking for other jobs and others of them have two jobs. so yeah. it's like a wild movie plot in l.a. i mean, look at this. a surreal sight to say the least. one that will go down in history. thousands of people lined up to watch the space shuttle endeavour squeeze past buildings as it rolled down the streets of los angeles. we have a live look at the 85- ton shuttle prepping for round 2. hey, dad, what's that? it's the shuttle. parked in the slow lane. cbs reporter juan fernandez
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explains its next mission is to go over delicate roads. >> reporter: people came to see it on manchester and cienega. >> it's amazing. i never seen it before. >> it's big. >> it looks like a giant toy. >> it's incredible. no words. >> reporter: work crews were using a computer operator transporter moving it to a smaller dolly. the weight of the shuttle and transporter can't cross the bridge over the 405. edison crews were a few miles ahead taking down streetlights that might affect the journey. >> we're right on schedule. everything is going well. the only thing that has me nervous is we don't totally control it but the team is confident we'll get to it. that utility work is really the critical task we have to get
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through. >> reporter: for the bridge crossing an unmodified toyota tundra truck from a local dealership will tow it. an l.a. stuntman will be behind the wheel. >> we had three months of testing to say yes, we could do this. so we pulled more than what's in there that the program weighs of the 292,000 pounds and we were over 300,000 pounds we pulled. >> reporter: must be a proud moment. >> absolutely. >> reporter: this is one shuttle crossing people here say they won't miss. >> it's wonderful. this is the beginning and conclusion of retirement. >> reporter: the family affair, is it? >> yes, itis. it'ss wonderful. >> in some spots endeavour had only a 6" clearance with the wing tips. i would so be down there. talk about a tight fit. the officers crossed the line and got punished. suspensions, terminations, and a demotion. it's yet another blow for the
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oakland police department. cbs 5 reporter christin ayers on how much officers were disciplined for their actions during the "occupy" crackdown. >> reporter: one year, countless clashes between oakland police and "occupy" protestors and more than 1100 complaints of police misconduct. now the oakland police department cracking down on its own calling for the firings of two officers and demoting suspending or reprimanding 42 others. >> only in cases where people clearly violated policy were they held accountable. >> reporter: the violations range from excessive use of force on protestors to failing to turn on the chest-mound videocameras officers are required to wear. some officers refused to give protestors their names or badge numbers. others lied about their behavior while being investigated. >> this is what i wanted. i wanted the oakland police to be able to look at itself and discipline itself. >> reporter: for officers it's
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a slap in the face at a time when homicides have spiked in oakland and the numbers of officers on the streets has dropped. >> the city has thrown its hard working officers who have a vocation to protect the citizens under the bus with this report. >> reporter: now, there is some talk tonight that all of this is meant to impress a federal judge who will hear arguments come december about whether to hand the oakland police department over to federal control. we asked mayor quan about that. she said that's nonsense. live in oakland, christin ayers, cbs 5. the vice-presidential candidates were back on the campaign trail after going at each other in the debate last night. and as cbs 5's allen martin reports, the two campaigns tangled again today all over the meaning of one of the shortest words in the english language. >> the lowest level -- >> reporter: call it a wharf world. the obama and romney campaigns are squabbling over joe biden's
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use of the word we. he was responding down to the state department's response to the request for more security. >> we didn't know they wanted more security then. >> reporter: republican presidential nominee mitt romney says biden contradicted sworn testimony from state department officials. they said requests for increased security in libya were denied. >> american citizens have a right to know just what's going on. and we're going to find out. and this is a time for to us make sure we do find out. >> reporter: but the white house says the "we" vice president biden was referring to wasn't entire administration. >> the vice president was speaking about himself and the president and the white house. he was not referring to the administration. >> reporter: spokesman jay carney says the vice president wouldn't have known about security requests because they are handled by the state department. secretary of state hillary clinton says the investigation into the benghazi attack is
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ongoing. >> to this day, we do not have a complete picture. we do not have all the answers. >> reporter: the issue will come up tuesday when president obama and mitt romney debate again. allen martin, cbs 5. two bay area law students busted invasion. what they are accused of doing to an exotic animal at a famous casino. >> it's like waiting in line. she wants to get on that ride now. >> the secret to well behaved kids? the important lesson they can learn thanks to marshmallows. >> and "csi: new york" comes to san francisco. tonight, the real life role gary sinese is playing in the bay area that he says he is proudest of. ,, ,,
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[ female announcer ] for more information or to find a retailer near you, berkeley law students have n arrested, for what they n animal at a what happened in vegas didn't stay in vegas this time. two uc-berkeley law students have been arrested for what they allegedly did to an animal at a famous casino. police say that these two 24-
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year-olds decapitated an exotic bird at the wildlife habitat. it was a helmeted guinea fowl. this is a picture. what one looks like. police say surveillance video captured the men chasing the bird into some trees. well, who cab resist marshmallows? put a plate in front of a kid and watch them disappear. the marshmallows, not the kid. but they are not just a sugary treat, no, no. cbs 5's dr. kim mulvihill explains how they can also help kids learn to be better behaved. >> she wants stuff now? >> she does. reporter: whether it's demanding your attention or a sweet treat, ask any mom, kids lack self-control. >> like waiting in line. she wants to get on the ride now. >> reporter: but learning to wait is good. studies show kids with the best self-control do better later in life. they have greater self-esteem, higher s.a.t. scores and they are less likely to be obese. but are some children just bor impulsive? a new study involving marshmallows shows they can
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learn it. >> which one would you rather use? >> reporter: researchers tested two groups of young children even given a jar of well used crayons and told -- >> you can use either these crayons right now or if you can wait until we get some from the other room you can use our big set of art supplies instead. >> reporter: each child waited 2.5 minutes. >> all right. so i'll put these here. >> reporter: half got great art supplies. the other half -- >> i actually don't have that big set of art supplies i talked to you about. >> reporter: the researchers then brought up stickers. >> you can either use this sticker right now or if you can wait for me to go get them from the other room you can use a bunch of stickers. >> reporter: once again -- >> i'm sorry. i couldn't find the other stickers either. >> reporter: that's when marshmallows became part of the experiment. researchers told the kids it was snacktime and said here's a marshmallow. you can eat this now or if you wait until i come back, and you have not eaten it you can have two. the results? the kids who learn they could
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rely on what to expect waited 12 minutes and got a reward. those who had learned waiting does not pay off quickly gobbled up marshmallows. bottom line, if you want to help your kids learn to wait, help them learn they can count on you. dr. kim mulvihill, cbs 5 healthwatch. >> if you can't wait for this, it's here. the mini ipad will be released in 11 days at an invitation- only eventful the ipad mini is less than 8", compared to 9.5" for a regular ipad and it's said to have lower resolution. price tag, supposedly between $200 and $250. cbs aired a special episode of "csi: new york" tonight. it was shot in san francisco. it brought star gary sinese to the bay area but he has already been here several times this year and his visits have had
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nothing to do with the show. cbs 5 reporter linda yee went on location to find out what keeps bringing him back. >> reporter: it's a location shot not normally done on "csi: new york" on cbs but this week's plot brings the detectives to san francisco to chase down the bad guys. >> we tracked the evidence which leads us to a building that we discover is not in new york city but indeed it's in san francisco. so we come out here to look. and it's great because, you know, we are shooting in los angeles all the time and making new york and so this is a special city. >> reporter: fog and a prominent bridge figure prominently in the show. the action also takes the series star gary sinese to a wooded area of the presidio. >> and we cut. action.
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>> reporter: acting may be physical first joy and what he is really good at but what his real passion is has nothing to do with his character, mack taylor. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: sinese devotes his time off the set playing bass for his lieutenant dan band and working with veterans groups. many in the actor's own family have served. last march, the band performed at the u.s. coast guard station in alameda and at travis air force base. >> i feel it's very important to support those who have serving. >> lieutenant dan! >> reporter: their name is inspired by the character sinese played in forrest gump. >> thought i'd try out my sea legs. >> you ain't got no legs, lieutenant dan. >> yes, i know that. >> reporter: playing disabled veteran lieutenant dan taylor was the role that set sinese on a real-life course to help severely injured military. his band's concerts raise money
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to build smart homes for amputees. he has been known to use his own money. this one in temecula in riverside county was completed last month. there's special technology that will help triple amputee corporal juan dominguez to live his life after getting bombed in afghanistan. >> i see a lot of need out there and i know that i can lep to do something that gives some people who are serving our country somebody back. >> reporter: this man is impressed that sinese was so humble when he came to their alameda base. >> walked around, shaked hands, went on to a couple of the ships and met the crews there. good guy. we really appreciate everything he did. >> that's where we're going to find those shrimp, my boy, ha ha! >> reporter: sinese has been recognized with an oscar nomination. but it's his role in real life
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that makes him proudest. >> those families go through a lot and have sacrificed a lot and if somebody like me can come in and pat them on the back and just tell them i'm grateful for what they do and try to entertain them, it's a good feeling to know i can contribute in that way. >> cut. >> reporter: in san francisco, linda yee, cbs 5. >> oh, we love our lieutenant dan. okay. from cloudy and cool to sunny and warm, the day that we'll top off in the 90s as eyewitness news continues right here on cbs 5. ,, we don't call this our company, we call this our mission. green toys teaches children that if i have a milk jug and i stick it in the recycling bin it can turn into something new. chase allows us to buy capital equipment to be able to manufacture in the states
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this is our live weather camera looking towards the embarcadero building. come closer to the tv set, what do you see? a bank of orange lights. all to honor the san francisco giants. go giants. we're able to see it because we're fog-free at this hour. it looks like tonight the clouds are already clearing out in napa and sonoma.
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santa rosa at 48 degrees, mid- 50s across the central bay. still reporting cloud cover in livermore at 53. also in the 50s in san jose where today we only topped off at 63 degrees. we're averaging a good 14 degrees below normal. so we'll keep most of the cloud cover in the forecast in the overnight hours. we'll start off great for your saturday and end up with lots of blue skies and the extended forecast calls for warmer conditions each day. [ loud noise in the background ] [ laughter ] >> there is a ridge of high pressure building in diverting a storm to the north of us. so as the low moves a way we have high pressure moving in warming up the atmosphere. this means for the pumpkin festival great conditions! lots of sunshine and 64 degrees. 200,000 people anticipated there. okay. tomorrow's numbers going up in comparison to today still slightly below normal. 71 degrees san jose. 60s at the beaches. upper 60s and 70s around the peninsula. east of the bay all the way up to 78.
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northwest flat winds at 5. and then north bay at 76. the extended forecast does call for a gradual warming trend over the weekend but check this out by wednesday through friday. we have temperatures well into the 90s. that's the pinpoint forecast. vern what's up in your world? >> i'll have what you're having. [ laughter ] >> two more game fives in major league baseball! giants nlcs matchup all set. who will they play? see the incredible comeback next! ,,,, ,,,,,,,,
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11:29 pm's were contageous... it's the first year all four divsion series bay area major league baseball one for two in game fives thursday. the first year all four division series went to a fifth game. nationals and cardinals of, winner draws the giants. early on alternates. bryce harper goes yard. washington led 6-0 after three. 6-0 after three! but here came the defending world champs. 7-5 in the ninth basis loaded danny goes off the glove.
11:30 pm
two runs scored to tie the game. next batter is pete drops one in right two more runs come n cardinals rally for an incredible 9-7 win biggest comeback in play-off history in a do or die game. so after all of that, the giants will start the nlcs at at&t park on sunday. the giants will host games one, two and if necessary 6 and 7. all right. struggling recognizes recognizes having to answer questions how come you're not playing? he can't hit. here's a guy who can hit! curtis granderson 7th inning back away and gone. a second deck blow. increased the yankees'lead. here comes mark teixeira. he will score yankees leading 1- 0. 2-0 yankees in the 7th. curtis granderson back away,
11:31 pm
gone. a second deck shot into right field enough for cc sabathia, a complete game. yankees win. final 3-1. now, the as were supposed to lose 100 games, remember? no. i talked with general manager billy beane. the group should be back in 2013. >> we set out to have something sustainable and stability for a couple of years. the one good thing last night when we knew this team was coming back by and large. that's good. >> top five number 5 nationwide series in charlotte. joey logano tallest driver on tour 6'5" eighth series win of the year. number 4 qualifying match versus antigua eddie johnson up top for the goal. u.s. wins 2-1. number 3, second round moment, guy can
11:32 pm
putt. four shot lead. college basketball midnight mass doug anderson over three cheerleaders but at number one, ho ho, missouri's kenyon bell dumps over 6 take that one as we go to break. ,,,,,,,,
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all right. big weekend ahead for the giants. >> yes. >> go, giants. david letterman is next. captions by: caption colorado


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